Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kirkie's big 2-4...

saturday marked the greatest day in history... 24 years since this stud was born!
 we spent a fun-filled day together, complete with picnics, Legos, 
trains, Lime Rickys, and Easter Bunnies.
here's my 4 year old, post Lego-building sesh...
(he's simply THE cutest)
 i wanted him to turn 27 so he was finally older than me...
but apparently making it public like this doesn't do it.
 we played on 100 year old trains in Heber...

 and met the Easter Bunny who gave us these duck masks.
hot. we know.

happy b-day to the world's CUTEST duck.
i LOVE you!


  1. you two are goofy :) and that is why I love you!! happy bday to Kirk!

  2. Hey, he is a cute duck! Looks like such a fun day! Happy Birthday Kirk-Bro-Dude-Duck!