Wednesday, March 7, 2012

as of late...

here's a little update
since i became a Stephens...

kirkus and i witnessed a drug bust across our hall the weekend we got home from our honeymoon. 
needless to say, 
we are super glad we live in such a fancy place... (errr...)
 the little broski got engagers...
March 10, 2012! 
 only the best Valentine's Day ever...
i have the cutest hubby around.

lovin' us some Lady A
 several stops at In 'N Out
(and when I say several, i mean hundreds...
you don't get this booty without effort.)
romantic trips to the cabin... 

so i'm kind of liking life as a Stephens.
i think i'll stick around.


  1. so happy for you and your new cute hubby! you two look SO happy, hope all is well! xo

  2. you are cute! we need to get together!

  3. You guys are so adorable!! Glad you are loving married life.