Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring fever...

spring has sprung, 
and we couldn't be happier at apt. 103...

with weddings, school breaks, and warm vacations
we've had a lot of goodness these days.

here's a sample of what we mean by goodness:

the little broski got married in March...
no pics of the cute couple (oopsie)
 but you better believe they both looked darling
and we had a fun time partying with them. 

for Spring Break, we ventured to the beautiful beaches of Mehico.
at first, it was just me, jonny, and the parentals
until a few days later when my stud of a husband
made the 15 hour trek to spend the last 4 days with us. 

i know, right...
what a hunk.
 i simply adore this face...

jonny boy got mischievous with the fire hose... 
naughty jonny.

mexi-stash to the power of awesome!

the best darn tacos in de world...

and what beach trip is complete without a little 
sandcastle building, eh?

we didn't just build a sandcastle. 
we built the City of Zion...

the battle wounds from this event were life-threatening...

because the mr. drove all the way to Mehico to be with me,
i couldn't let him make the trip home alone.
so we made a pit stop at the Grand Canyon on the way home
so homeboy could check it out.

he loved it...

and i love him!

And I Love her!!!
(says homeboy, as he watches me bliggity-blog)
Viva la Mehico, peeps.
Viva la Mehico!!