Sunday, July 15, 2012

island park...

this past week,
the Stephens family trekked up to Island Park, Idaho for a week on the lake.
we stayed in a beautiful cabin on Bill's Island right on the water and it was beyond perfect.
we did nothing but waterski to our hearts content, eat until we were sick, 
and laugh until our cheeks were sore.

this was the view from our dock... pristine, right?

we took out grandpas paddle boat for romantic little getaways numerous times...

our castle on the water

mama Jules worked hard to get out of that kayak without getting wet... 
LOVE her!

cute Kali

grandpa was a sport on the water

he even waterskied... at 78!

the father of my children is kinda sexy...

wednesday was July 11 - six months since that happy day when we became the Mr. and Mrs.
so to celebrate, we ventured in to West Yellowstone for some famous Huckleberry ice cream 
and to see Ol' Faithful...

at first, we were really excited to see this old geyser explode

but then we waited for an hour and a half,
and we weren't so excited anymore.

that's her,
getting ready to blow off some steam

on our way home,
doug wanted to stop at this Army surplus store to see what kind of magical gadgets he could find.
this is what was greeting us at the door...

and this poor guy didn't quite survive the drive home...

thanks for a PERFECT week, Stephens fam! 
we LOVE you!!

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